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Mojo Photo Booths

 While DJ-ing weddings, we noticed that Photo Booths were really adding to all of the fun at various events! Photo Strips are everyone's favorite favor! We looked all around the world before purchasing our photo booth and we selected our Mojo Booth because of various competitive advantages that only we offer! Not all photo booths are the same...
Visit MOJO Booths to see what makes us better!
New Jersey DJs

We fit more people

Less waiting time, More PARTY Time.

 Lines go much faster with the Mojo Booth because more guests can fit into each photo session. The Mojo Booth can fit 10 or more people inside the booth! 

You don't have to make tough choices when deciding who to take your picture with, entire families and groups of friends can fit inside the booth to make great memories.


Lehigh Valley DJs

More Fun Inside

Most photo booths are boring on the inside. Some look like suitcases with holes cut out for a camera, and have an attendant inside the booth with your guests as they take pictures. However, the Mojo Booth is private.

The inside of the Mojo Booth is a color changing LED Light show that keeps guests entertained as they watch the 22' monitor striking the perfect pose during their photo shoot.


New Jersey DJs

Mojo Memory Book

The Mojo Memory book is the perfect way to remember your special day. Mojo provides the materials including scrap book, adhesive, markers and other decorative materials. As each guest exits the photo booth, we place a print of their photo session into your memory book and have each guest leave a personal message in your book. We present this great keepsake to you at the end of your event.


New Jersey DJs

Classy Prop Box

Mojo Booth's offers a free basic classy prop box for all events. Our props are original and selected to add fun to your photos. We also have a VIP Prop Box upgrade that features more props and more delicate items than included in our initial package.


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